Le Tréport: discovering Normandy

Colors, sea and perfumes. Le Tréport greeted us during a cloudy and windy Sunday.

It’s been a while since I had this article ready in drafts, but I didn’t dare to publish it, because I’m not a good photographer, but I’ve tried to describe with my photos this town, its cliffs, and its beauties.

Cliff- Le Tréport

Tired from a previous long trip we found here peace and quiet,  we found here a place where history it’s combined with  nature. It was the Easter Sunday and we still were without any ideas about our lunch. But here we found a nice place, and we tasted delicious seafood, and had a wonderful afternoon.
Le Tréport is a small seaside village in northern France belonging to Normandy region.

It’s one place you have to visit, I can not describe the atmosphere and the magic feelings you will find here.



Le Tréport is famous for its cliffs (high steep face of a rock), for the seafood, and for the funicular you need to take in order to reach the city center.

From the parking located at the top of the cliff you can get the funicular to the city center for free. The funicular ride takes about two minutes, but from here you can enjoy a beautiful view of city from above, crossing also a tunnel dug inside the cliff.

Le Tréport-funivia
Funivia Le Tréport

Inside this cliff, during the Second War World, German Army built up a secret shelter, the Kahl-Burg, in order to protect themselves from the Canadians army arrived in the close city of Dieppe.

At the end of the ride you will arrive at Cordiers district, so called because the fishermen who originally lived here, there were used to fish with ropes, because they were too poor to be able to buy fishing nets.

You can have access at the city center also by car, but the funicular ride it’s nice, and the city has nice walking routes, in this way you can listen to the sound of the sea, the rustle of the wind and the smells that come out from nearby restaurants.

Le Tréport
Church Saint-Jacques

Her you can  admire the colorful houses, the restaurants, and the small shops…and you can visit “vieux Treport” the “Old Tréport” where you will find Saint-Jacques Church.

Visiting around here you will find also the distinctive white and green lighthouse.

Looking these photos and reading this article I hope I can give you an idea about the special atmosphere of this place, and about the sky colors and its quick and sweeping changes.. (You should know also that the weather in Normandy it’s unpredictable, changeable and a little be crazy 🙂 )

Seafood _Trèport
Cliff - Treport


Lighhouse- Le Tréport
Lighhouse- Le Tréport

Cliff- Le Tréport



_DSC7517 (1)


I love finding small and typical villages, unknown to tourists, but very distinctive place, in which you can breathe healthy air and Le Tréport do not betrayed you.

Thank you Le Tréport for welcoming us, and you allow us to listen the sound of the sea, to feel the cold wind in our skin, to dream watching the sea.

Le Tréport is located close to other interesting cities of Normandy: Dieppe (30 km), Rouen (90 km), Le Havre (150 km), Paris (200 km).


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