Milano a Colori: itinerary for an unknown and colorful Milan

Thanks to two nice bloggers Nicoletta (One two Frida) e Cristiana (Viaggevolmente), some weeks ago I was involved  in a special blog tour around Milan:  #milanoAColori.

Let’s see together what is #milanoAColori:

WHERE: Milan

WHEN: April 30th- May 1st

WHO: The participants where 20 bloggers from the whole Italy, ready to walk around Milan and discover its unknown sides.

WHAT : #milanoAColori blog tour is a tour organized with the purpose of demonstrate that the city is not the drab metropolis we all think, but that Milan is a colorful, dynamic and alive city.

Since the first moment they asked me to participate I was very excited to be involved in this blog tour. It was for me a new experience.

Here my personal highlights of this itinerary around the colorful Milan:


Color and street art for a colorful Milan.
Our tour around Milan started with Andrea “Kiv” ( who explained us about Energy Box project. Andrea is an artist and along with other 50 street-arters he made plans to make less gray and dull Milan. Traffic lights boxes were used as canvases for artists, to make them some real colorful artworks, able to enrich the city and make it “an open air Gallery”.



San Maurizio al Monastero Milan
San Maurizio al Monastero Maggiore

The second step of our tour was Monastery of San Maurizio, also called “Sistine Chapel of Milan”. Unknown to most of us, it is a gem in the heart of the city. If you are in Milan I really suggest you to have a look inside: you will be enchanted by Renaissance frescoes covering all the walls.

San Maurizio al Monastero Maggiore

Chiesa di San Maurizio al Monastero Maggiore: Magenta 13 -Milano.
Visits from Tuesday to Sunday- from 9,30 a.m. to 7,30 p.m. .
Free Entry thanks to Touring Club Italiano Volunteers .



Crypt -Milan
Cripta San Sepolcro

Cripta San Sepolcro is located in the heart of the ” City ” , and was recently re-opened after renovation works.San Sepolcro Milano
We had the pleasure to visit it thank to Ad Artem’s Guide, that explained us about the works here kept. This visit allowed us to better understand the history of the Catholic Church.
Built on the site of the Roman Forum, San Sepolcro church was founded in 1030 and was dedicated to the Holy Trinity.  Here you can also admire a copy of the Holy Sepulcher; It seems that inside the Sepulcher Crusaders have laid a handful of soil from the Holy land. In this Church San Carlo Borromeo usually come for praying, and for this reason his statue still stand in the center of the Crypt.

Ticket: €10 part of the proceeds will support the still ongoing restoration works.
Opening hours: From Monday to Sunday – from 12:00 to 8:00 p.m.
From Monday to Saturday are also available guided tours of the place thanks to young students at their first work experience inside the project #boostyourdream2016.


HighLine Galleria
HighLine Galleria

A new and spectacular view of Milan and Duomo you can have from Highline Gallery. Highline Gallery is the Boardwalk path rising over the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, in the Center of Milan. From above the roofs of the gallery you can see the modern Milan and its Skyline of skyscrapers, but also you can have a breath taking view of the city and its famous Duomo.
An incredible and ultimate experience will let you admire the famous Duomo, its spires and also the famous “Madonnina” the the symbol of the city

Full price € 12.00
Reductions: € 9.00 children and adolescents from 5 to 25 years


Milan‬: its ‪#‎Highline‬ overlooking the Galleria rooftops and Duomo



Isola District is  one of the emerging neighborhoods of the city. We visited this area thanks to a special guide: Dr. Piervito Antoniazzi, Coordinator of the district.

Bosco verticale-Milano
Bosco verticale

Thanks to his passion and his knowledge of the district we learned a lot of historical explanations,  stories and anecdotes of this area.

Isola is a neighborhood that has maintained its aspect of twentieth-century historic district, with narrow streets, small shops, and a popular and street life.

Here are located offices of important companies like “Google” and “Pandora”, here we can admire the beauty of “Bosco Verticale” true model of sustainable residential building.

In these two buildings the terraces are covered with trees, plants and shrubs. A new and original concept that combines nature, design and construction.

During our tour of the district we have also admired its street art and its colors…


After our visit to Chiesa di Santa Maria alla Fontana, our guide led us to discover one of the most particular activities of this area: Uroburo. Uroburo it’ s a no-profit organization, an atelier, a jewelry workshop, where you can create, make and personalize your own ring.


We were guest at AC Hotel Milano by Marriott. Our tour started from here, thanks to Andrea Garcia Murga, AC Hotel  Marketing Specialist Italia for the warm welcome. Ac Hotel is one of the highest Tower Hotels in Milan, with its 17th floors, and its amazing view. That the ideal place for starting your visit.

AC Hotel Milano
AC Hotel Milano


Pizzeria 12 Gatti: located in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele it’s a nice and lovely place for your dinner on the Highline.

Milan dinner

Gesto: Eco-friendly, and Eco-sustainable restaurant. Here you order your plate in a small blackboard, writing your choice with small chalks.


Pizzeria Alla Fontana: nice place in the District Isola. Taste their typical pizza! 🙂 

Terrazza12 – Brian&Barry Building: if you are looking for a place for shopping, eating and relaxing… Brian&Barry Building it’s your answer. “Trend, Style, and Taste” is its motto, here you can find beauty and fashion shops, supermarket (Eataly) and  different kinds of restaurants (from Hamburger to pizza, from typical Sunday brunch to Italian food).

Brian&Barry Building
Brian&Barry Building


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