Bréhat island

Brehat Island (or Île de Bréhat in French ) is a must if you are going to plan a tour of North France.

Brehat Island is a group of islands, a small archipelago, in the English Channel. It’s just 130km far from Saint Malo, and my suggestion is to add a daily tour of this amazing place.

map Brehat island.jpg
Where is it?

The main island is divided into two parts, and a bridge connects them.
Brehat Island is unique: here vehicles are not allowed and you can visit the island walking around or renting a bicycle.Brehat

This is a real natural oasis, a “green island” where you can take a break and spend a peacefulness day, surrounded by nature and by birds.
The island is also known as “Flowers Island” because of the beautiful flowers, you can find especially during blooming season.

The island is divided into two parts:

  • Northbound where you can find naturalistic landscape
  • Southbound where you can find the local village, Le Bourg (around 400 citizens).

I can not find the right words if I have to describe this paradise.
The village is characterized by its typical and small houses, and a famous place here is Saint Michel church. Saint Michel Church, a XVI century Church, is the highest in point the island.

Brehat Island

Moulin du Birlot is a water mill that was an essential resource in the past for the citizens of the island. A sudden heavy rainfall interrupted our visit, but you should know the weather in this region is so unpredictable, “bizarre” and “crazy”.

Moulin du Birlot
Moulin du Birlot

After the cloudburst the island offered us one of the most beautiful scenario.



Phare du Paon, Paon lighthouse, built up during the 19th century, was destroyed during the Second War World, when the Nazi invaded the island. The lighthouse was built up again in the 20th Century, and is made by a typical pink granite.

Phare du Paon


Phare du Paon
Phare du Paon


The island is also famous for Bréhat glass factory: craft made labs where experts glass worker they work the glass. The island is so famous also for its handcraft products.

glass factory


Handcraft products
Handcraft products

The scenario of the island is unforgettable.

Brehat 2 (1)


Brehat island
Brehat island



You can reach the island by boat. The boats (Les vedettes de Bréhat) leave from Pointe de l’Arcouest, a pier not far from Paimpol.

Vehicles are not allowed in the island, you can walk around or rent a bike.

The island is 3.5km length, and 1.5km width.

Boat ticket fare: €10

For information about time and costs you can visit the official site here.

I suggest you a daily tour in the island, but if you want to stop there for a night the small village, Le Bourg you can find nice places for the accommodation, restaurants, and small shops.



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