I’m Martina, and  I was born in 1989 in Montebelluna, a small town in North Italy, not far from Venice.
Graduated from University of Padova in 2014, I currently work in the marketing field.

I love traveling, discovering new places and I’ve a big love: China. I’ve the passion for its history, its language and its culture. Martina Bressan About me: travel and marvel

I like foreigner languages, so after English and French I’m currently studying Chinese, and I don’t want to stop here! I love watching TV series, eating (but I’m not a good chef) and drinking tea.

Travel and Marvel it’s a documentation of my adventures around the world especially Asia, Europe and U.S.A.. Here I would like to talk about my emotions, the sense of wonder and awe when I see new places and I discover new cultures.

Let me be clear: I’m very shy and I have never been a very good writer, but I’m a very emotional person, and I feel I need  a place where I can write my emotions, my feelings and my moods .

Here I write about my personal adventures and provide as many tips as possible for anyone looking to embrace on a similar experiences. Hopefully through my posts I can show you my adventures, and also my emotions.

Everything is born by chance and for fun, when my parents decided to give me a reflex camera and my father armed with passion and patience decided to teach me some basic information. Unfortunately I don’t have his gift for photography and his passion, so despite all the commitment and patience of my “master”, I’ll have to apologize if some shots will be out of focus or slightly blurry. 🙂




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